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Fans Articles

Why Buckley needed to defend fans

FOOTBALL followers across cyberspace seemed for once united yesterday in their view - FFA chief executive Ben Buckley should have told Australia loud and clear that A-League fans are not criminals.

FFA and fans exchange concerns

WHEN Football Federation Australia designated this season's marketing slogan as "Fan Made" it probably had no idea what it was setting off.

Rugby would like league fans to be in state of union

BY NOW it must be obvious to everyone that rugby union has little to gain by recruiting players from rugby league. The record shows that even the best league players find it hard to excel in top-level union. Switching from the simpler code to the more complex one is more

Hunt For Fc Fans After Attack On Player

SHAKEN Sydney FC veteran Robbie Middleby insists he won't let the shock of being attacked by two fans in the car park at Sydney Football Stadium last weekend destroy his fond memories of the club as he prepares to move to North Queensland Fury next season.

Gig Frenzy Gives All Fans A Chance

FOR music fans who would never dream of going to a festival, the summer season still offers plenty of opportunities to catch up with the latest in pop or your favourite nostalgia act.